Gun Leather, Handgun Holster and Gun Belt Makers

	Listed in alphabetical order

	DISCLAIMER: Listing here does NOT constitute an endorsement!

	I've tried to make this the most comprehensive list of gunleather,
	handgun holster and gunbelt makers possible.  If I've left
	anybody out, there's a listing here that's no longer valid,
	or for any other corrections or suggestions: Please
	contact me

    5 shot Leather (John Ralston)
    "Finely Crafted Custom Handgun Leather"

    Adams Holsters

    A&G Custom Gun Leather
    "Quality Hand Crafted Leather Belts You'll Enjoy For Years"

    Aholster Company (Allen Miller) (Kydex)
    "A choice in Aholster that you will carry everyday is just as important as your choice in a firearm."

    A.E. Nelson Leather Company
    "Third-generation family-owned business since 1938"

    Aker Leather Products
    "Top quality law enforcement leather gear"

    "Quality gunleather"

    Alabama Holster Company
    "Concealment Products That 'Just Plain Work'"

    Alessi Holsters
    "for the Professional..."

    Alfonso's Gunleather, aka: "Alfonso's of Hollywood"
    "World's Finest Gunleather"

    Andrews Custom Leather (Sam Andrews)
    "Fine Handmade Holsters"

    Arizona Gun Leather
    "Custom concealment firearm pistol holsters"

    Atomic Dog Holsters

    Azrael's Custom Leather

    B&D Concealment Holsters
	Was at
	Link was dead on 2010-11-14

    Barber Leatherworks
    "Premium Gear for your Protection"

    Bandera Gunleather
    "Home of the Beltstertm

    Bear Tooth Leather Company

    Bell Charter Oak Holsters

    Bernie Holster
    "Custom Gunleather Made One At A Time"


    Big River Leather
    "Handcrafted Gun Leather and Accessories"

    Blackhawk Products Group

    Black Hills Leather

    Blade-Tech Industries

    Bluegrass Holsters
    Bluegrass Hybrid Holsters
	No longer in business as of late 2009
	Lots of complaints on various forums before he closed his doors

    Blue Line Leather
	Was at
	Apparently no longer accepting orders (2008-01-27)
	Looks like a domain squatter owns it now (2011-01-02)

    Boston Leather

    Brigade GunLeather
    "Specializing in gun holsters, western holsters and law enforcement holsters."

    Boom-Stick Holsters

    Brommeland Gunleather (Gary Brommeland)
    "High Performance Concealment Systems for the Professional"
	Has a VM2-alike, but not suited to one-handed re-holstering

    Bruce Nelson
	Passed on
	Google for "Bruce Nelson holsters" for informative articles

    Bulldog Custom Gun Leather
    "custom concealed carry holsters made by one guy, one at a time, in the USA"

    Bulman Gunleather
	Has a polymer-reinforced belt
	Has VM2-style holster

    Buy Brown Holsters

    C5 Leather
    Jim Clay
    "Quality Made Leather Holsters That Fit and Wear Comfortably for a Lifetime"

    Calculated Sentience LLC
    "Concealment - Retention - Comfort - Affordable"

    Caldwell Gunleather

    Center of Mass Holsters
    "Made With Kydex - Professional Products for Professional Results"

    Chic Gaylord
    Bell Charter Oak Custom Holsters

    Chisholm's Trail Old West Leather

    Circle KB Cowboy Holsters
    "Where the Wild West...Still IS!"

    Circle M Saddlery & Gun Leather
    "Fine Hand Crafted Western Saddles & Tack, Gun Leather.  Gun Engraving & Gunsmithing"

    Cobra Gunskin Classics
    "Weapons Accessories - The First Line Of Support"

    Cochise Leather Company
    "Quality Products at Affordable Prices"

    Colorado Law Dawg Custom

    Combat Gun Leather
    Erik Little
    Aka: Rafter-L GunLeather
    "In A World Of Compromise... Don't!"
    "Quality Kydex Holsters and Accessories"

    CR Speed
    Aka: Rescomp Handgun Technologies
    "Designed to Win! Built to Last!"

    CrossBreed Holsters
    Kydex/leather hybrids

    Cross Cut Leather
    Butch McDaniel - Maker

    C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works

    Custom Carry Concepts

    Custom Cowboy Creations

    Custom Gun Leather
    Aka: Murphy Leather Company
    "For the Cowboy Action Shooter"

    Custom Made Concealed Carry Holsters
    "Leather Concealed Carry Holsters and belts"

    Dale Fricke Holsters

    D&D Gunleather
    Dave Workman

    Del Fatti


    Desbien's Gun Leather

    Diamond D Custom Leather
    "Home of the original Alaskan Holster, the Guide's Choice"

    Dixie Rose Leather
    "Custom Gun Leather for Mounted Shooters"

    D.M. Bullard Leather
    "Your Source for Handmade Gun Leather"

    Don Hume

    Donner Gunleather
    "Fit. Function. Style."

    Durango Gun Leather
    "American Traditions of the Old West - Texas Ranger Belts - Gunleather -Gun Belts"

    Eagle Industries
    "Quality By Design"

    Edge Custom, Inc.
    "Home Of The Ultra Stealth Holster And The Jack-Lite and Claw Scope Mounts"

    Elite Survival Systems
    (Aka: Shooting Systems Holsters)

    El Paso Saddlery Co.
    "A Century of Handcrafting Superior Gunleather"

    Fendley Custom Knives and Gun Leather

    Fin Designs
    "Custom Made Holsters"


    Fobus Holsters
    "Tactical Elite Holsters, Renowned Worldwide"

    Fowlds Gunleather
    "Your Texas Concealed Handgun Accessory Makers"

    Front Line Ltd.
    "Born in Action. Designed to Survive"

	Has fiber-/synthetic-reinforced belts

    Garrett Industries/Garret Holsters USA

    Garrity's Gunleather
	Has VM2-alike
	In-Cognito IWB has optional moisture barrier and Kydex-reinforced

    G-Code Holsters
    "Setting the Standard for Innovative Tactical Carry Systems"

    Ghost Holster

    Gibson Gunleather

    G&J Leather

    Gould and Goodrich Holsters
    "Excellence In Holsters, Belts & Accessories"

    Grandfather Oak Custom Carry
    "Kydex Holsters and Sheaths Designed to Fit YOU and Your Gear"

    Graham's Custom Leather
    Pocket Holsters

    Grassburr Leather Works, Inc.

    Griffin Gun Leather
    "Supplier of Cowboy Action Shooters Gun Leather"

    Haugen Handgun Leather
    "The Best in Custom Handcrafted Gun Leather"

    Hastings Cowboy Style Holsters & Belts
    "You only get one shot at showing your best."

    Hazel Leather
    "We pride ourselves in making the perfect holster for your sidearm"

    H.B.E. Specialty Leatherworks
    Eric Larsen
	(Has VM2 look-alikes)

    Hedley Holsters
    "Pocket Holsters made by hand, one at a time"

    Hersey 4-Way Holsters

    High Noon Holsters

    Hillsman Holster Co.

    Hoffners Custom Leather Holsters
    "Fine products of leather, Kydex and hybrids"

    Aka: JBP Holsters
    "Quality, Selection, Low Prices"

    Holster, Ltd.

    Holsters Plus

    Horseshoe Leather Products
    Andy Arratoonian
    "Custom Quality Professional Leather"

    IMI Defense Ltd.
    "Polymer Holsters, Magazine Pouches, Tactical Equipment"

    International Handgun Leather
    "Makers of Premium Concealment Carry Leather Since 1994"

    Invictus Kydex
    "Custom Kydex Creations..."

    Jagwear Concealment Holsters
    "We care about your personal protection."

    John Bianchi Frontier Gunleather Limited Editions
    "Precision. Tradition. Craftsmanship."

    JS Holsters
    "We don't do pretty.  We do practical."

    J.W. O'Rourke Leather Products

    K.C. Miles Leatherworks

    K&D Holsters and Custom Gun Leather
    (Aka: Kevin A. Manley Enterprises, LLC?)
    "The ideal choice for carry."

    KHolster LLC
    "We've got you covered"

    Kirkpatrick Leather Co.
    "Making Quality Holsters Since 1950"

    k.i.s.s. holsters
    "kydex you can count on!  keep it simple stupid"

    K.L. Null Holsters
    Ken Null
    "Quality Bench Crafted Holsters For The Discriminating Professional"

    Kolbeson Leatherworks
    "Handmade leather & kydex gun holsters"

    Kramer Handgun Leather
    "#1 Concealed Holster in the World"

    Kuhl Leather Works
    "Founded 2007"

    "Premier Kydex Gear"

    Leather Creek Holsters
    "Custom and Ready-Made Western Holsters, Gun Belts, Cartridge Belts and Rigs"

    Leather, Guns & Etc.
    William Weaver
    "Where Quality Lasts"

    Lefty's Leather
    "Purveyor of Handmade Gunleather in the Tradition of the 1860s through the 1890s."

    Legends in Leather

    Levergun Leather
    "Specializing In Hunting & Shooting Leather."

    Liberty Leather & Custom Gunstock Carving

    Little Bear Holsters
    "Building holsters for God Fearing, Patriotic, Conservatives,  Soldiers, Protectors of our Nation,
     'Right Wing Extremists' (according to our government) .... One at a time."

    Little Feather Leather
    "Hand crafting truly custom leathergoods for more than thirty years!"

    Lobo Gun Leather

    Louis Alessi
	Sadly, Louis Alessi passed away February 20, 2009
	See the "Alessi Holsters" entry, above

    Master of Concealment
    "The Largest Selection of Concealment Holsters, Clothing and Items Available Online"

    Matt DelFatti

    Mernickle Custom Holsters

    Michael's Custom Holsters
    "Rugged, beautiful leather holsters with a lifetime warranty"

    Mika's Pocket Holsters
    "Safety First, Foremost and Always"

    Milt Sparks

    Mitch Rosen
    "No Gimmicks. Simply Extraordinary Fit, Finish and Function"

    Monica Kuehn Leather

    Mountain Home Leather
    "Custom Hand Crafted Gun Leather, Knife Sheaths, Saddle Bags, Chaps & More"

    M.R. Hall Holsters

    M. Shelhart & Co.
    "Cowboy Holsters, Chaps"

    Nevada Gun leather
    (Formerly "Goody's Gun Leather?" and/or "SA Gun Leather, Inc.?" and/or "El Paso Leather?")
    "Fine leather, holsters, belts, slings and other goods"

    NM Holsters
    Aka: Nick Matthews Holsters

    Nosser GunLeather
    "Since 1991"

    Old River Saddlery

    Old West Reproductions, Inc.
    "~ Made In The Tradition of The Old West ~"

    "ORCA" Custom Nylon Holsters and Accessories
    "E.xtreme P.erformance G.ear"

    Overland Gunleather
    "Hand Crafted Custom Leather Holsters and Accessories"

    Pacific Canvas & Leather
    "Historic Holsters, Buckles & Belts"

    Aka: Conceal City
    "Your concealed-carry headquarters!"

    Pale Horse Leather Holsters
	Was at
	Looks like a domain squatter owns it now (2011-01-02)

    Peters Custom Holsters

    Pistol Packaging, Inc

    Pocket Concealment Systems
    "Innovative Holsters for the Concealed Handgun"
    "The Ultimate Concealed Carry Firearms Holster"

    Prince Gun Leather

    Purdy Gear
    "Custom Leather Goods"

    Pure Kustom Holsters

    (Aka: Price Western Leather)
    "When the best select gun leather, they choose PWL. Hand Craftsmanship, Quality and Durability"

    Python Holster Company

    Rafter S Gunleather
    "Quality built for those who know!"

    Ranger Gunleather
	Was at
	Appears to be out of business.  Domain in the hands of some Australian firm
	Saw delivery complaints in THR and in TFL

    Raven Concealment Systems
    Aka: The Malabar Front
	"Concealment Solutions for Armed Professionals"

    Ray's Holsters
    "Your Gun Holster, Gun Purse and Leather Concealed Carry Source"

    Ready Tactical Products
    "Kydex Holsters and Accessories"
	Was at
	Appears to be out of business

    Renegade Holster and Leather Co.
	P.O. Box 31546
	Phoenix, AZ 85046
	3711 E Gelding Dr
	Phoenix, AZ 85032
	(602) 482-6777

    Rescomp Handgun Technologies
    CR Speed Holsters

    RF Holsters
        Was at
	Link was dead on 2011-01-02

    R Grizzle Leather
    Ryan Grizzle
    Quality Handmade Holsters

    Rick Waltner Holsters
    "Comfort. Concealment. Carry."

    Ringler Custom Leather Company

    Ritchie Leather Co. Inc.

    RKBA Holsters
    Pocket holsters

    RM Holsters

    R Olson Gunleather
	Was at
	Looks like a domain squatter owns it now (2011-01-02)

    Ross Leather

    Roy Baker
    Aka: Roy's Custom Leather Goods
    Passed on some time ago, but I've been unable to find out when

    "Cowboy Holsters, Western Holsters, Cowboy Action Shooting Holsters"

    "Body Armor | Tactical Body Armor | Holsters | Duty Gear | Police Supplies | Forensics Supplies"

    Sage Saddlery - Gun Leather, Rifle Slings & Knife Sheaths
    R.J. Sagely

    Salacoa Saddle Shop
    Bo Ballard
	146 North Avenue Fairmount, GA 30139-2931
	(706) 337-2628 

    Self Defend
    "The Original Hidden Holster"

    Shooting Star Saddlery
    Jeff Morrow

    "Quick Draw Holsters"

    Sidearmor Kydex Holsters

    Side Guard

    Simply Rugged Holsters
    "Holsters. Gun Belts. Ammo Pouches and Accessories"
	Said to be a big fan of Roy Baker's work

    "The 'Invisible Holster'™ The original and only snag-free, sweat-proof concealed gun holster available!"

    Southern Holsters
    "Custom Gun Leather"

    Spectre Gear
    "Here, you'll find tough gear that's GOOD-TO-GO."
    "For a truly Stellar Weapon Concealment Rig - we do it all!"

    Stoner Holsters
    "The Right Holster for Your Gun"

    Strong Holsters
    "Gunleather & Police Equipment"

    Sunrise Leather

    Survival Sheath Systems

    S.W. Hibdon Leatherworks
    SWH Leatherworks

    TacPro (Kydex)

    Tagua GunLeather

    Talon Tactical (Kydex)
    "Custom Kydex Holsters and Magazine Pouches"

    Tauris Holsters L.L.C.
    "Made by Hand ...One at a Time"
	Has VM2-alike

    Ted Blocker Holsters

    Tennessee Holster Company, LLC
    Aka: Gunworks
    "Welcome to Tennessee's Finest Leather Holsters"

    Tex Shoemaker & Sons Inc.
    "Premium Leather Goods For Law Enforcement"

    Thad Rybka
	 Thad Rybka Custom Leather Equipment
	 2050 Canoe Creek Road
	 Springville, Alabama 35146

    The Concealment Shop, Inc.
    "To you it's Handgun Concealment. To us it's a Reputation!"

    The Holster Store
    Aka: Pro Carry Holsters

    The Leather Arsenal
    "Holsters, Magazine Pouches, Gun Belts for the serious gun carrier who demands the highest quality available."

    The Wilderness
    "Overkill never fails.  Since 1981"

    Timely Accessories
    "Outfitters to shootists and buckskinners"

    Trailrider Products
    "Holsters, Belts & Accessories"

    Tree Stump Leather

    Triple K Manufacturing Co.
    "High Quality Products for Sportsman & Law Enforcement"

    Trojan Tactical LLC

    TSC Holsters
        Was at
	Domain name expired on 2010-12-31

    TT Gunleather
    "High Quality Leather Gun Holsters"

    Tucker Gunleather <- Tucker Gunleather

    Tuff Products

    UBG Holsters

    Uncle Mike's

    Vega holsters

    Vaquero Gun Leather
    "Custom made in the spirit of the old west"

    Vintage Gun Leather
    Aka: Hermann H. Heiser Saddlery Company
    "We sell no gun leather 'until after' its time!"

    Ward Leather
    "Custom Leather Holsters & Equipment"

    Wellsmade (George Wells), AKA: "Wells-Made"
	Did have, but it never worked.
	No other URL or other information.  Out of business?
	Looks like a domain squatter owns it now (2011-01-02)

    Westbound Leather

    Western Star Leather
    "Authentic Old West Gun Leather, Chaps, Chinks, Cuffs & Much More"

    Wild Bill's holsters

    Will Ghormley Maker
    "Old West Cowboy Leather"

    Wm. Brown Holster Co.
    "Specializing In Old West Reproductions."

    Woolfe Gunleather

    Wolf Ears Equipment
    "Find Hand Crafted Gun Leather Since 1981"

    Working Cowboy Gun Leather Shop

    WRB Holsters
    "Custom Bags, Holsters & Cases"

    Yoder Custom Leather
	Regretfully, Dennis Yoder passed away on February 17, 2010

Gun Belts:


    The Beltman

    Concealed Carry Clothiers

    Coronado Leather
    "Quality Built & Guaranteed for Life"

    Liger Products

For ladies, specifically:

    Cunningham Leather
	Was at
	Appears to be dead and gone (2011-01-02)

    Ladyfist Holsters

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    Rig Rate - Holster Search, Ratings and Reviews

    Pistolsmith.Com Holsters & Belts Forum

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    Holster Maker Directory

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