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October 11, 2003
A collection of miscellaneous items related to spam, spamming, and the war on spam.

  Spam Suit  Michigan man uses Junk FAX law to sue Sears over spam  
  Thank Spammers  A stirring exposition on what spam has cost us all  
  Who Runs The Blocklists?  Short explanation of who runs them and why  
  Jamie Baillie: NetKop, Netk00k or...  Spammer? One of the Internet's more... "interesting" characters  
  SLAPP Suit?  Anti-spammers & blocklists sued.  
  IronPort/SpamCop v. World+Dog  Scott Richter's Optinrealbig and Buckeye Cablevision sue IronPort/SpamCop  
  When There's No Point To A Secondary MX  Backup, or secondary, MX hosts often offer no advantage, and frequently create problems  
SpamCon Foundation [Boycott SCO!]